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A 17% reduction of the cover price.

The Second Edition of my book, Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1  is now available as an Ebook!!! 

This digital book includes:

  • Almost 300 illustrations & photos – now in FULL COLOR!!!
  • More views of the marbles in each lesson
  • Some photos that were not in the original book
  • The complete color mixing samples charts – previously referenced only as a link on my website 
  • A 17% savings off of the original cover price
  • An extensive, navigable table of contents


Q.  What is the format of the book?

  • The book is .epub format.

Q.  Which devices will this book work on?

  • The book has been optimized for iBooks – both iPad and desktop versions – but should be readable on most Ebook readers that support .epub format with tables.   I was able to test it on several Android book reader apps and it performed well.  If it doesn't appear to be working correctly, please try downloading a different book reader app.  There are many available. 
  • At this time I am aware that a Kindle Fire using the Overdrive App does not appear to support tables.  Instead it returns broken image boxes for all images and tables in this book.

Q.  Why does it take a while to download?

  • Due to the number of text pages (456 in the original book)  and the vast number of images and tables included, the Ebook file is about 48MB in size.  The download speed will be directly related to your internet connection's ability to download that size of a file.

Q.  What if I ever need to download it again?

  • Contact me via Email with your original inscribed name and original Email address.  I keep a record by the inscribed name and will send you a new download link.

Q.  Why does the link from the table of contents sometimes go to the page before the heading.

  • The pagination and flow of Ebooks is subject to the size of the font that each individual reader chooses to use.  The pagination for this book was optimized at 510 pages.  If your font is smaller, it will flow through less pages, and if your font is larger it will flow through more pages.  The table of contents has a link to the space just prior to the heading it is pointing to.  If the font size changes it is possible to have that link fall at the bottom of the previous page.

Q.  Will there be any printed copies of the second edition?

  • There are currently no plans to physically print the second edition.  This is due to the relatively low volume of sales anticipated compared to the cost of printing and shipping a book this large and in color.  Honestly, most people just wouldn't buy it.  Then I'd be stuck with several thousand copies stacked where my truck should be – and no one wants that!


  • Payments are only accepted through PayPal.  The link below is set up so that you don't have to have your own PayPal account.  Just fill in the blank and click the "Pay Now" button.  Email me at if you have any problems with the payment system.  


  • This will NOT be an instant download – Once I am notified by PayPal of your payment (and I am at home – thanks in advance for your patience), I will send you the download link for the Ebook.   Make sure you enter that Email address below.


  • The download link will be active for 24 hours from the time the link is sent.