The Rainbow Petal Core is a continuation of my desire to come up with styles that I didn't see other people making.  I found the idea of floating petals (or layers) intriguing and tried several iterations of this style.  This marble was my first successful attempt at this style in a size larger than about 1".  It was also one of the first marbles I made using my home-made furnace, and I hadn't quite worked out all of my processes yet, so there are some very small air bubbles trapped in this marble that I wish weren't there.  Interestingly, my petal core style marbles came to be referred to by many collectors as "Pringle" marbles because of the similarity of the layers to Pringles brand potato chips.

1.76"   -    Signed on the bottom pole:   AF 2000 P


This Ultimate Siberian Tiger is one of two that I have, and only 3 that were made.  It isn't a one-of-a-kind, but it is very rare.  The name "ultimate" was the term I used for the raked/feathered pattern on several different marbles and for me was simply a style designation to differentiate between the same color combination in a fold style, or twist style, etc.  While this type of construction (a solid white core covered with clear, then the colored stripes and then more clear) is fairly easy and common in cane-made marbles, these were all assembled at the torch with a final dip in the furnace to add the outer layer of clear.  I opted not to make more of them because they looked too easy but actually took an inordinate amount of time to produce.

1.63"   -    Signed on the bottom pole:   AF 2000 P



Fritts Art Glass

This is an experimental style that I never issued in an open edition.  I was doing two things at the time I made this marble.  1.) I was trying to come up with styles that I didn't see other people making.  2.) I was trying to mix some of my own colors that I couldn't buy at the time.  This new shade of green was used in later marbles, and combining the petals (or layers) with dots was something I tried in different ways, but not like this.  This marble, with only a single green layer, is a one-of-a-kind marble.  At the time I signed it I anticipated making more of them - therefore the "P" designation.

2"   -    Signed on the bottom pole:   AF 2000 P


This Ice Spider is a one-of-a-kind design.  The color effect was made by layering some antique silver glass that I acquired over transparent light blue.  I was looking for the inner glow that a moonstone has and it actually comes pretty close.  The spider pattern (which actually shows up better than the photo shows) is made from swirls of goldstone (aventurine) that has been raked.  I loved the "Ice" look and would have made more, but the silver glass reacted so poorly in the flame of my torch, burning or bubbling, that it just wasn't practical.  I made three other marbles with the "Ice" look before I gave it up for good, and I still own 2 of them.  They were all in different styles and sizes because I was trying to find a combination that would work for production, but to no avail.

1.92"   -    Signed on the side:   AF 2002 EXP


This is an Aurora Borealis style with dark pink and dark purple-blue dichroic glass swirling around with a backward twist on two sides.  It was one of the first marble types that I made using a furnace.  I finished building the furnace in early 2000 and set out to teach myself to use it.  My first few "furnace" designs were simply marbles that I had been making using only the torch, so it was a matter of trying to figure out how to get a clear coating around the entire marble.  It took some trial and error, but this design finally emerged.  The Aurora Borealis series was done in several different color combinations and there were sequence numbered marbles of this design made after this one.

1.83"   -    Signed on the bottom pole:   AF 2000 AP


The marbles listed for sale on this page are from my personal collection.  Over the years, as I tried new techniques and designs I would often keep back experiments or prototypes that I liked.  Marbles marked with a "P" after the date are the prototype for that style - meaning that from that point on, any that were made in that style and color combination would be named the same name and their sequence numbers would start from 1 (one) at that point. 

As I was starting out I didn't have all the "conventions" worked out, so you'll also see a few early marbles that are marked "AP" for artist's proof.  To me it meant the same thing - it was the prototypical marble for that style and color combination - and I later dropped the "AP" for the simpler "P".

Early on I started signing some marbles with EXP after the date.  These are "experimental" designs or color combinations.  They were sometimes but not always a one-of-a-kind marble.  I'll try to distinguish in the descriptions of the marbles for sale whether or not they should be considered a one-of-a-kind marble.  For more on my signatures and numbering see my "About" page.

Thanks for taking a look!  I hope you enjoy seeing these early examples, and hopefully you'll find something that you'd like to add to your collection.

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The "Dragon's Eye" was a style that I came up with during my quest to come up with designs that were fresh and new.  It's actually a fairly common style now, but back in 2000 when I came up with it I certainly had never seen it done.   The "Liberty" edition sold out more quickly than any of my other limited editions.  I kept back two - #1 and #30.  My motivation for holding back two of them was two-fold: 

   1.   I have two kids and I thought I would save one for each of them. 

  2.  I wanted to see if there was any discernible difference between the first and the last in the edition. 

As I look at them today I don't see any difference. 

1.87"   -    Signed on the bottom pole:   AF 2001 30/30


(As for my kids, don't feel sorry for them.  They'll have enough other marbles to choose from.)